Hygiene precautions on ARRI products - Lighting product range.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is spread all over the world and brings uncertainty into the economy, into our daily routine, but also into our working life. Many of ARRI’s business partners are contemplating how to protect their customers and employees against infection.

ARRI receives many questions regarding the hygiene precautions that can be taken with and on our products. To ensure that ARRI's communication is consistent, we have compiled a few facts.


Basically, ARRI received two different kinds of questions. The answers are explained below:

Can we use ARRI lampheads to disinfect our Sets / Studios / working environments?

The short answer is - No. There are specialized manufacturers of medical equipment that are specialized in UV-emitting lamps for disinfection purposes.

ARRI on the other hand takes preventative measures to keep the emitted UV radiation as low as possible in order to protect the health of illuminated persons (e.g. UV protection glasses against skin burns). All these safety precautions are prescribed by law and must be strictly observed. It is not permitted to operate the lampheads without the necessary protective devices and precautions. All information on the correct handling of our lampheads can be found in the respective product user manuals.

Which hygiene precautions can be taken on ARRI products?

All information about the maintenance of your product can be found in the respective User Manual or Safety and Installation Manual under Maintenance Information/Care Instruction.

In general:

• Do not clean the surface of the product with solvents or strong detergents, alkaline solutions and acids.
• Clean the product with a soft cloth wetted with a mild detergent or customary glass cleaning agent. Do not rub the surface: lift stuck particles off with a soft repeated press.
• Clean soiled electric contacts with cotton swabs and lamps with a cloth wetted with Isopropyle alcohol.
• Commercially available disinfectants/sanitizers are also suitable for disinfection purposes. Nevertheless please make sure that the surfaces are only moistened (e.g. with a disinfection cloth).

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Notes: Press Release - Calavitis SA - May 2020