Zero Density is Coming to Future of Media with Revolutionizing Graphics Ecosystem.

Zero Density will showcase one-stop-shop for all graphics.

Athens, GREECE - June 12, 2024 - Zero Density, the global leader in integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics solutions, is coming to Future of Media Exhibition in Athens and showcase demos of the innovations in its lineup which includes a new approach on virtual production, real-time and pre-production motion graphics. This brand-new approach, powered by the advanced capabilities of Unreal Motion Design, is revolutionizing the graphics ecosystem by increasing rendering and compositing quality while simplifying asset creation and integration and reducing operator complexity.

2024 is a big year for elections globally, with about 3.7 billion people voting in 70 countries. Zero Density’s first demo will take elections into the center. This demo will focus on how complex data is presented in a dynamic and visually engaging manner, supporting fact-based discussions and analysis, making election coverage more engaging than ever. The demo will display the power of end-to-end graphics workflow with the Reality5 virtual production and the Lino real-time motion graphics platform.

Zero Density’s Featuring Platforms and Solutions:

Hyper-realistic virtual production— Reality5, the real-time Virtual Production platform, offers the blend of virtual and physical worlds in virtual studio, AR and XR productions, empowering storytellers to create immersive experiences with ease.

Versatility in XR Productions— Flat, cube, curved, J-shape, floor and sky panels LED walls, Zero Density offers the most versatile setup in the industry, offering fast, flexible, and high-quality visual solutions that adapt to creative needs.

Real-Time Motion Graphics Reinvented— Lino, the new real-time motion graphics platform, is designed to bring high-quality, dynamic, and engaging graphics to life faster than ever. With the 'create once, use across platforms' approach; graphics assets can be seamlessly shared between virtual productions, real-time motion graphics, and pre-production motion graphics.

A Quantum Leap in Creative Potential—Zero Density's new render hardware platform, EVO II, is crafted for ultimate performance in real-time virtual production. EVO II will be the engine powering the live demos at the booth.

The Ultimate Tracking Platforms— Zero Density sets new industry standards with its Traxis platform. Showgoers will see firsthand how accurate camera and talent tracking, efficient and streamlined lens calibration can complete our virtual production solutions.

About Zero Density

Zero Density gives visual storytellers the tools to bring their creative vision to life effortlessly and with lasting impact. Our integrated virtual production and real-time motion graphics platforms boost operational efficiency and deliver results you can rely on. Zero Density is your forward-thinking industry partner, with offices around the globe serving clients such as The Weather Channel, CBS, Univision, FOX Sports and Warner Media.

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Notes: Press Release - Zero Density - Athens, Greece - June 12, 2024