Lawo introduced at IBC V__matrix 1.10 with SD/HD/3G/UHD up/down/cross and HDR/SDR color space conversion plus brand-new V__matrix Silent Frames.

At IBC 2019 Lawo introduced its V__matrix software suite 1.10, pushing the capabilities of Lawo’s software-defined IP routing, processing and multiviewer platform even further. The 1.10 release adds new features and to the V__matrix apps vm_dmv and vm_udx. Furthermore, Lawo launches its new V__matrix Silent Frame which is designed for noise-sensitive places such as control rooms or audio booths.

V__matrix 1.10 Release
Lawo’s V__matrix software suite 1.10 features several improvements and new features for all V__matrix apps.
The vm_dmv app, Lawo’s infinitely expandable IP UHD/HDR multiviewer, is now supplemented with support for ST2022-7 stream redundancy.
In addition, the 1.10 release adds HDR<->SDR color space conversion to the vm_udx UHD/HDR up/down/cross converter. The V__matrix vm_udx virtual module (VM) is a software module capable of format conversion between SD, HD and UHD formats in the V__matrix eco-system when loaded on a C100 processing blade. The vm_udx app provides four independent paths of format conversion between SD, HD and 4K/UHD for IP and/or SDI signals. Conversion between SD, HD and 3G formats use one path while conversion to/from 4K uses four paths. Each path provides video framesync and audio sample rate conversion as well as audio delay functionality. Every path also has full audio embedding/de-embedding capabilities with audio gain and shuffling. Broadcast quality RGB and YUV color correction is provided for every processing path.
With the brand-new +HDR option the vm_udx app gets 4 instances of SDR<->HDR color space conversion using 3D LUTs. A large selection of LUTs developed especially for live production are included and users are able to upload their own custom LUTs as well. The included LUTs allow for conversion between SDR and HDR in HLG and PQ.
Fundamentally designed with IP networking in mind vm_udx natively supports both ST2022-6 and ST2110-20 IP video as well as ST2110-30/AES67 and RAVENNA IP audio streams. Conversion between IP video and IP audio standards is also possible, e.g. ST2022 to ST2110. To ensure high availability ST2022-7 seamless protection switching (SPS) is natively supported.
With the available io_bnc rear-plates vm_udx allows for legacy connection to SD-, HD- and 4K-SDI. Both single-link 12G-SDI as well as quad-link (2SI) is supported as is the ability to convert between single-link and quad-link.
With the +4UDX license option an additional four independent paths can be added, bringing the total amount of Up/Down/Cross processing per C100 up to eight.
The V__matrix 1.10 update will available in October and is free of charge to all Lawo Care4 SLA customers.

V__matrix Silent Frame

Lawo introduced also the new V__matrix Silent Frame, a special low-noise frame for V__matrix C100 processing blades.
While the V__matrix C100 core processing unit was designed for data center and equipment room environments, there are applications where one might want to install some processing cores in noise-sensitive places such as control rooms or audio booths. The new V__matrix Silent Frame addresses this type of applications.
With two slots for standard C100 cores and any accompanying rear-plates the Silent Frame is so quiet that it might even impress an audio engineer. The unit’s large, slow-spinning fans are temperature controlled and provide the same front to rear cooling air flow as standard V__matrix frames – but whisper-silent.
As the V__matrix Silent Frame houses the same C100 processing blades like all other V__matrix frames, it has immediate access to any of the V__matrix apps already available including vm_streaming, vm_dmv and vm_udx.

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Notes: Press Release – Lawo - Rastatt, 18 September 2019