The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new Key Trends 2019/2020 report.

Understanding the audiovisual sector and its key trends before COVID-19 to better anticipate its impact.

Strasbourg, France 23 April 2020 - Download Key Trends 2019/2020 - Read below the Key Trends 2019/2020 report:

Key Trends 2019/2020 is the Observatory’s yearly digest of what’s hot in European media: TV, film and VOD. This report outlines the big picture of the European audiovisual sector with its very readable round-up of the key data from Observatory research. The authors drill down into recent trends and hot issues. The data in this edition was collated before the COVID-19 crisis. The Observatory states that this unprecedented crisis is obviously going to strongly impact the European audiovisual sector, but that the various segments will not experience the same turmoil. The Observatory team will be following the impact of the crisis on the European audiovisual industries and are already tracking recently introduced measures here.
NB: The United Kingdom data is included in the report as the reference period is prior to the withdrawal.

Meanwhile Key Trends provides data to understand:

- the weight of revenues of each key segment within the total sector revenues and growth;

- where pay-TV and SVOD stood before the crisis;

- the role of broadcasters in the financing of films, directly or through their contributions to film funds;

- the role of Public Broadcasters in the production of TV fiction and measure their dependency to State budgets.

Beyond the crisis, some key issues are obviously still on the agenda, such as:

- Brexit: Key Trends provides the latest data on the role of the UK as a hub for TV channels targeting the rest of Europe, and its predominance in the production and exports of fiction,

- The new AVMSD directive quotas: also in Key Trends, the latest snapshot of the composition of VOD catalogues and exclusive data on the prominence of audiovisual works on VOD.


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