DVB World 2020 cancelled.

Join us in Berlin in 2021!

On Monday 2 March, we regrettably made the decision to cancel DVB World 2020 owing to the growing number of companies implementing COVID-19 related travel restrictions (including the employers of many conference speakers) and the fact that several cases of the virus had been diagnosed in Valencia.

We will announce details for DVB World 2021 in due course.

Why DVB World?

DVB World is an annual conference focused on media delivery and distribution using DVB standards, services and technology. It presents timely sessions on emerging issues, teasing out the choices that lie before the industry.

With around 200 delegates from around the world representing broadcasters, service providers, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, it’s a rare opportunity to access authoritative analysis and informed discussion rather than the commercial pitches that dominate other events. All this, and an excellent environment for networking too!

Info: www.dvbworld.org/

Notes: Announcement - DVB - Monday 2 March 2020