AEQ technology in FIFA CLUB World Cup UAE 2021.

Phoenix Venus 3 and ALIO audiocodecs, as well as Olympia3 commentary units, were selected for the event.

During February 2022, the Club World Cup organized by FIFA was held in Abu Dhabi. This year the invited teams were Palmeiras from Brazil as winner of the Copa Libertadores, English Chelsea, as winner of the Champions League, Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia as winner of the last AFC Champions League, the Egyptian team Al Ahly, winner of the CAF Champions League, as well as Monterrey from Mexico after their victory in the CONCACAF Champions League, and finally AS Pirae from Tahiti nominated by the OFC.

In 12 days, 8 match are held to determine which is the best club among the best, with eliminatory crosses that led to a great final between Chelsea and Palmeiras, where the English team prevailed to finally lift a new title in its already impressive palmares.

In an event of this level, with the important technical requirements that covers both the video and audio level, event organizers selected, through Mediapro, AEQ technology for all the commentary positions, of the two stadiums where the matches of this competition.

Mediapro is one of the world's leading producers of content for film and television, sports rights management, audiovisual services and other associated services, which manages the rights of the largest football championships.

AEQ supplied 28 units of its ALIO audiocodec for the occasion, as well as AEQ OLYMPIA3 commentary units working together with AEQ VENUS3 audiocodecs as reserve equipment.

AEQ ALIO is a dual stereo channel portable IP audio codec. It has been specifically designed for sports broadcasts but has been optimized to make it easy to use in the most varied scenarios, including music events. Its design, compact, and resistant to pressure, shock, and even liquids, is optimized for use outdoors where treatment cannot always be sufficiently careful.

AEQ ALIO can connect to base units from most manufacturers through the SIP communication protocol, in accordance with the EBU standard N ACIP Tech 3326. But if you connect with an AEQ audiocodec you can use an exclusive set of tools to help you communicate and control the unit. In addition, with the AEQ ControlPhoenix AudioCodecs Management Software, you have total control of all its functions.

Obviously, a group of technicians and engineers traveled from AEQ Spain HQ to collaborate with those from Mediapro, to support the operation of all this equipment, during the more than two weeks of preparation, deployment, configuration and use of the system.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 23/03/2022