Spanish RADIO UTIEL continue to choose AEQ technology for its studio equipment.

After 20 years of service, two analog BC500 and BC 2500 consoles have been replaced by digital FORUM SPLIT consoles.

By Javier Villar, Technical Director of Radio Utiel.

Radio Utiel is the municipal station of Utiel, in Valencia, Spain, which has extensive programming seven days a week focused on public and collaborative service. The pillars of this program are local and regional information, music, and spaces dedicated to local entities and associations.

At Radio Utiel we have completed the renovation of the studios, replacing the analog consoles with two Forum IP consoles, AEQ equipment with the latest technology and the most innovative features.

The motivation, in addition to the 20 years of service without problems of the previous consoles, has been the versatility in the composition of the guidelines and design of the workspace, the robustness and quality of the equipment has also weighed heavily in the decision, as well such as the facility to adapt, with the support of AEQ's technical service, each console to the specific needs of each studio.

Radio Utiel - Control Uno

The Forum IP console intended for the ON AIR studio has 16 faders, and is combined with the AEQ AudioPlus automation system and the other elements that have been integrated into it (Microphones, CD, turntable, telephone lines, etc.): Thus, an efficient work tool has been prepared for broadcasting seven days a week, with live broadcast slots and others, with automatic broadcast managed through AudioPlus.

The other console, with 12 faders, is used for the recording studio, which has been configured to broadcast ON AIR from it, if necessary. It is also combined with AudioPlus and other sources (Microphones, CD, turntable, telephone lines, etc.).

Both consoles have characteristics and configuration studied to be able to get the most out of them in the daily work that is facilitated for Radio Utiel staff as well as for our collaborators who participate with their programs on the programming grid and who do not always have the expertise of professional users.

The design work for the adaptation of each console to the characteristics of each of the studios, as well as the subsequent installation, have been carried out by AEQ staff, and simplify the daily use of the studios and the management of the consoles themselves.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 09/03/2022