The outstanding Audiocodec Personal TALENT introduces new ways of operation.

On the first anniversary of its birth, AEQ presents new ways to use this Ultracompact Audiocodec IP such as: do live from home with external audio, or add interviews and broadcast events.

AEQ TALENT is a desktop stereo IP audiocodec, small-sized, which allows you to participate in a program, from home or anywhere. On its front there are microphone and headphone level controls, level indicators, call/answer buttons, hang up, and HELP, a button to draw the attention of the station operator.

However, AEQ TALENT does not need to be operated by the user, since the controls are also replicated in two applications:

A local for smartphone, TALENT PILOT, which configures it, establishes the connection, and controls it, if the person at the controls has the knowledge to do so.

Another remote, PhoenixControl, which allows remote configuration and operation of a fleet of TALENT and other AEQ audiocodecs, so that the user only speaks and does not need to touch any button.

Thus TALENT can be configured and controlled locally or remotely or just delivered to the user ready for use.

TALENT supports low or high impedance headphones and dynamic or condenser microphones. It is powered from the USB output of a PC, or from a DC source between 5 and 12 volts, it also includes a power supply for the AC network. AEQ TALENT has auxiliary line input and output, and another Bluetooth interface for stereo audio and remote control.

To send the audio to the station using TALENT, you can use a normal DSL connection, or a 3G/4G/5G wireless data connection through a simple router/modem with a SIM card. In addition, if there is no IP connection, using the Bluetooth channel and an associated smartphone, you can always reach the studio PC to enter the audio in the program.

The audio quality, connectivity, features, ease of use and price make AEQ TALENT a perfect choice when it comes to choosing an audiocodec.

After a year on the market, users have encouraged new uses for the equipment:

Voice delivery plus external audio: Make the program live from home and enrich it with other audio sources.

Using the Bluetooth connection and/or the line-in, you can connect TALENT to a smartphone or PC and mix audio from:

-    Files or music streaming.
-    Voice notes
-    Pre-recorded and edited audio clips

The audio from the microphone is mixed with audio received from the phone or external audio device and finally sent compressed over IP to the studio console in high quality.

The local audio (Program) can also be sent to the phone, PC, or audio device, for recording, even mixed with the studio feedback.

Live interview. Call by phone and remotely interview another person while you send the program to the studio.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, TALENT can be connected to a smartphone, and make live interviews by:

-    GSM telephony.
-    Through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others, which give a higher quality to the interviewee's voice.

The voice of the interviewee is mixed with the TALENT microphone and sent compressed by IP to the studio console with high quality.

Simultaneously the microphone connected in TALENT is sent clean to the phone to easily keep the conversation going, although the interviewee can also be given feedback from the studio.

Commentator. Broadcast a live event and add background sound.

Using the Bluetooth connection or an auxiliary input, event commentary can be sent from the microphone, and mixed with the PA sound of the event. With the help of Apps, you can even use your phone as an external microphone for an interview or binaurally capture ambient sound.

These additional forms of use confirm the flexibility and great capacity for use in different circumstances, which will allow you to get great performance out of it, surpassing its definition as equipment for personal use, and allowing other types of more complex work outdoors.

As you can see AEQ TALENT offers a full set of options for your programs, and thanks to its great design and flexibility, final users are discovering many more on it everyday.

Take a look at its users manual to learn more about all these features:
Talent Users Manual

Talent Users Manual

Info: & Calavitis SA*

* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 23/02/2022