Black Country Radio choose AEQ for their recently opened “Xtra” sister station.

Project handled entirely by AEQ’s UK Partner, Broadcast Radio Ltd.

Black Country Radio is a local radio station based in the West Midlands region of England, owned and operated by Waterfront Media CIC. It operates under a community radio license and broadcasts to the Black Country and Birmingham on FM, DAB and online.

Black Country Radio moved from its original location in 2020 and the installation was completed with four, state-of-the-art, fully digital studios, video streaming capability and a separate broadcast stream. This latter is used to train students in media practice at the Resonance music college. Black Country Radio provide a very varied programming with special dedication to news and events close to the heart of the audience, including sports. It has been honoured with the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. In 2021, a new online only sister station, Black Country Xtra, was created.

The technical management of Black Country Radio decided to trust Broadcast Radio with the delivery and installation of their new systems. The four Digital Studios are built around the AEQ FORUM SPLIT and CAPITOL IP digital consoles with the Myriad 5 Broadcast Automation and integrated Console Control. The FORUM Split Consoles are 12 Fader channel controls surfaces while the CAPITOL IP’s are 8 Fader solutions. The touch and feel and workflow of all the consoles are almost identical, thus making the training and use by the volunteers simple and time for learning is reduced. Additionally, the level of automation that these consoles offer, reducing complex operations to a keystroke, makes them ideal for voluntary operators.

AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT is designed for ONAIR broadcast control. It includes all the basic features necessary in this type of environment: automatic monitor mute, cough mute, fader-start, signalling control, control signals for the automation of external equipment, management of external communications, intercommunication, etc.

Modular design and compact, it adapts perfectly to any operational scenario: auto-control, studio-control, production, hybrid configurations, integration in large installations, etc. Simplicity and control power are combined in the AEQ FORUM IP console to cover both the most basic operational needs and the advanced ones. The FORUM IP SPLIT version comes with the FR CORE modular engine in 3 rack units. It can be made up of up to 6 quadruple fader modules and a control and monitoring unit.

They can be equipped with multi-channel AoIP input and output cards compatible with the AES67 protocol through DANTE™ technology. Through this connectivity, signals can be collected and delivered to other consoles, routers, and other input and output terminal equipment from more than 500 different manufacturers. Connectivity can also be chosen to be MADI, and it can be equipped with up to two internal digital telephone hybrids.

The entire project has been coordinated by AEQ's local partner in the United Kingdom, BROADCAST RADIO, in collaboration with the central technical services of AEQ Madrid.

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