Royal Media Services Upgrades Fourth Station to Lawo AoIP.

Royal Media Services, one of Kenya’s leading media companies, has chosen once again to upgrade their infrastructure with Lawo IP technology.

Following the successful installations of Lawo mixing consoles and IP infrastructure at other RMS radio stations, a new 12-fader crystal console has now entered service at Nairobi-based Radio Citizen. Project management and installation was carried out by Lawo system integrator BYCE Broadcast.

Radio Citizen serves the most widespread audience in Kenya, with progamming broadcast nationwide over the 14-station Royal Media Services network. Radio Citizen is highly respected for their thoroughly researched news and education programs provided in Sanifu, the standard Swahili dialect.

crystal consoles have proven extremely popular thanks to their cost-effectiveness, clean intuitive design, and standards-based RAVENNA / AES67 networking, and advanced features such as AutoMix hands-free mixing and AutoGain one-touch mic gain controls. Lawo VisTool GUI-building software comes standard with crystal, providing touchscreen graphical controls that may be customized to tailor workflows even further. crystal consoles employ the open-source Ember+ remote control protocol for operation of automation and other broadcast software.

RMS, Lawo and BYCE Broadcast began their relationship in 2017, with the installation of their first Lawo mixing console; crystal consoles are now in service at Radio Citizen’s sister stations Ramogi FM, Inooro FM and HOT96, also headquartered in Nairobi.

“It is exciting to watch as Royal Media Services sets the pace for the adoption of broadcast IP technology in Kenya,” says Cynthia Odari, Head of Business Development for BYCE Broadcast. “RMS were our very first client in Kenya, and we thank them for their continuing trust in us, and in Lawo — a decision which keeps proving to be right!”

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Notes: Press Release - Lawo - Rastatt, 10.12.21