French company FAVORIZ PRODUCTIONS chooses AEQ INTERCOM for its operation.

They installed a scalable CROSSNET system with an initial capacity of 72 ports, split between analogue, digital, broadcast-quality AoIP and low bit-rate VoIP.

Favoriz Productions is a French company specialized in audiovisual production, founded in 2010, which has the resources and technical solutions of high quality equipment for the highest demands of live production.

Favoriz Productions operates in a state-of-the-art technical environment to provide with advice, experience and solutions adapted to the design and creation of all audiovisual projects for both TV and companies, through the practice of permanent technological monitoring. Its catalogue of solutions includes mobile production units, broadcasting equipment, drones, cranes and the most complete technical equipment for all types of productions.

Its central studios are equipped with AEQ's CROSSNET intercom system, consisting of a central matrix and TP8000 series panels. Specifically the CROSSNET 72 model that connects via AoIP with TP 8116 rack panels. It also uses analogue circuits to connect in bidirectional audio with camera operators.


AEQ CROSSNET is a compact intercom matrix one rack unit high with basic IP connectivity, based on Dante technology, compatible with the new AES 67 standard, carrying high quality audio suitable for broadcast. It also has high quality balanced analogue audio inputs and outputs and includes support for legacy Kroma IP panels and interfaces with telephone bandwidth compressed audio, and for Kroma panels with digital audio link.

Thanks to its scalability, from a 40 x 40 system to a 168 x168 system, AEQ CROSSNET offers a wide range of external connections: analogue, digital, AoIP Dante and low bit rate IP ports. The integration of this variety of connections within the same equipment allows the user to reduce the external equipment required.

The TP 8000 user panels series incorporated in the system have been designed to achieve the high level of broadcast compatible audio quality that CrossNET digital matrix technology allows. Audio is digitalised and processed at 24-bit 48 kHz, giving a bandwidth of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and negligible levels of distortion and noise. In addition, the ease of installation has also been taken into consideration, which is why they incorporate a redundant IP port that handles high quality audio in DANTE format, compatible with the AES 67 standard. The audio is digitally processed to cancel the acoustic echo and automatically level the voice power and speaking habits of each operator. The acoustics have been carefully studied to achieve the best intelligibility and natural sound.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 07/09/2021