Radio Sajonisi in South Africa chose the AEQ FORUM console for its broadcast studio.

The radio station relied on AEQ to create a modern and functional console work environment in the studio.

Sajonisi Youth Radio 88.5MHz popularly known as SYR, is a South African regional station with many studios in the coastal city of Port St John. Like any proximity station, its programming is a mixture of a general nature with an outstanding participation of the community, wide information spaces and its corresponding blocks of local and international music.

To provide the equipment for the new Radio Sajonisi studio, the technical management commissioned the project to AEQ who supplied the heart of the system with the digital audio mixer AEQ FORUM.

AEQ FORUM is a digital audio mixer designed for ONAIR broadcast control. It incorporates all the basic features needed in this type of environment: automatic monitor cut, cough- cut, faderstart, signalling control, control signals for the automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercommunication, etc.

With its modular design and small size, AEQ FORUM adapts perfectly to different scenarios: self-monitoring, control-locutory, TV production controls, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in big installations, etc.

Simplicity and control capability combine in AEQ FORUM to cover both basic and advanced operation needs, starting with a minimum control surface of 4 faders and being easily expandable up to 8 and 12 independent channels with the standard chassis and up to 20 channels with the GRAND FORUM chassis.

The design of the work environment is very colorful and innovative:

The workstations are at different levels. The program driver sits at a light-colored table, about 70 cm high, with an ergonomic chair. Guests are on a higher level, around a high table in a vivid color, to work in standing position, but being able to rest on comfortable bar style stools.

This guarantees the comfort of the person who stays in the studio for many hours, meanwhile the guests who stay for short periods of time are free to move and dance - or sit on the stools - and are surprised by the brightful colors of the table and the station logo on the wall.

To learn more about Sajonisi Youth Radio 88.5MHz and listen to it, search it here.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 21/07/2021