AEQ Capitol IP mixer in Zvezda Radio with Tract.

The station's broadcasting studio, based in Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva was inaugurated by the Acting President of the Republic of Tyva, Mr Vladislav Khovalyg.

Kyzyl is a city of just over 100,000 inhabitants, the capital of the Republic of Tyva in the Russian Federation. It is located exactly in the geographical center of Asia, in the south of Western Siberia close to the Mongolian border.

The radio station "Zvezda Kyzyl 104.4 FM" belonging to the state-owned media holding Tyva Media Group started broadcasting on 7 May 2021, Radio Day in the Russian Federation, with the support of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Tyva.

Tract is is one of the most important broadcast system integrators in the Russian Federation, working with AEQ on the supply and installation of hundreds of pieces of equipment for example in Russian National Radio VGRTK.

Its Siberian affiliate, Tract-Siberia along with Okno-TV Siberia, supplied the necessary equipment, based on the AEQ Capitol IP digital audio mixer, and Digispot software. The Capitol IP console was chosen for its reliability and ease of installation and set-up, given Kyzyl's geographical location, far from Tract's technical services in Moscow, and was configured and started remotely from Moscow by Tract's engineers.

"It is AEQ's Capitol IP that assumes the role of the heart of the studio. Its functionality and ability to interact with the radio broadcast automation system made it possible in a relatively short time to establish the operation of the entire radio system and prepare the studio for broadcasting," said Andrey Burtsev, director of the Tract-Siberia affiliate.

Mr Vladislav Tovarishtayovich Khovalyg

AEQ CAPITOL IP is an 8-channel fixed configuration digital audio mixing console. CAPITOL IP implementation of IP connectivity is based on a single module with 16 input and 16 output channels, incorporated in its audio core. One of the main features of the AEQ CAPITOL IP is the large input capacity available: 4 mic/line, 12 analogue, 4 digital stereo AES/EBU (AES3), 2 digital stereo USB, 2 optional telephone lines, and optional digital multi-channel audio links; 16 AoIP channels over two Ethernet connectors or 64 MADI channels input via fibre optics.

Acting President Vladislav Khovalyg addressed the station's staff, greeting them with these words: "Happy career, dear friends! Let's go for the boldest plans and the greatest achievements!".

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 09/06/2021