New WHEATNET-IP Blade puts more Audio Tools on the AoIP Network.

Blade 4 is clearing out the rackroom with integrated audio routing, control, codecs, processing, mixing, operating system and NMOS/AES67 interoperability in 1 RU.

New Bern, NC, USA - April 2021 - Wheatstone is putting more audio tools on the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network with the introduction of its new Blade 4 this month.

The Blade 4 includes routable audio processing, mixing, codecs and software apps in 1 RU. It is Wheatstone’s fourth generation I/O unit for the WheatNet-IP audio network.

“We’re adding more and more intelligence onto the AoIP network with every new Blade. Rather than a basic I/O rack unit sitting there taking up space, why not expand on that space with routable audio tools like mixing, processing and streaming? Blade 4 is something that every existing and future WheatNet-IP user is going to benefit from," said Wheatstone’s Director of Sales Jay Tyler.

Blade 4 can be integrated into any new or existing WheatNet-IP network. Benefits include:

• Interoperability with other manufacturers and network environments through SMPTE ST 2110 audio support and AES67 compliance. Blade 4 supports NMOS device discovery, AES67 multichannel support and packet timing adaptability.

• Each Blade 4 has its own operating system—no tablet, laptop or desktop PC needed. Run select broadcast applications and scripting routines direct from the network I/O interface, including IP meter, PC XY routing control, Screenbuilder, Navigator, and LIO viewer.

• Failsafe redundancy with dual Ethernet ports is standard; dual power supplies available.

• Opus, MP3 and AAC codecs now added to the AoIP network for remotes and home studios. All codecs routable in native AoIP; no additional hardware required.

•    Easy resource sharing. Integrate audio codecs, processing, mixing and operating system into one native AoIP environment.

•    Route audio, mix sounds, process feeds and control mics, consoles, and other studio appliances. Blade 4 incorporates all standard Blade features, including two 8x2 stereo utility mixers,

routable stereo processor with parametric equalizer/compressor/limiter, 12 physical universal logic ports, and 128 programmable software LIO ports.

• Reduce rackroom real estate, cooling, cabling and other expenses. One rackmount Blade 4 includes codecs, software apps, mixing and audio processing, plus AoIP networking, control and interoperability—in 1 RU.

The WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network is a complete IP audio ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories, virtual tools, UIs and appliances.

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Notes: Press Release - Wheatstone - April 2021