Prodys: Agropopular - Cadena COPE, a success story.

Getting the most out of Quantum Lite.

One of the most interesting examples of the use of Quantum Lite occurs every weekend on the programme Agropopular on Cadena COPE (Spain).

This is a programme dedicated to agricultural information in which the presenter, César Lumbreras, always travels around the country accompanied by his Quantum Lite equipment (and sometimes even a Quantum W), visiting agricultural and livestock farms, interviewing their owners and workers in the field.

he programme is often carried out in locations far from urban areas, where mobile phone coverage can be very poor. This is where the possibility of working with several SIM cards simultaneously becomes very important, as they ensure a transmission quality that would hardly be achieved with a single link, such as the one used by mobile applications.

In recent times, Agropopular's Quantum Lite has not only travelled to a large number of places in Spain but has also travelled to the 5 continents and has been the first Spanish radio programme to be broadcast from Antarctica, all thanks to the reliability of the small Quantum Lite.

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Press Release - Prodys S.L. - March 30th, 2021