Radio Llavaneres updates its Main Radio Studio with the new AEQ Forum-IP Split Mixing Console.

Radio Llavaneres is San Andreu de Llavaneres’ local radio station. This town is close to Mataró, only 40km away from Barcelona - Spain. It broadcasts varied music, news and sports programs, -with a clear local focus-, in 107.8FM and by Internet.

It is part of the Xarxa Audiovisual group, a local radio stations association in Catalonia, counting with more than 125 associates. Using AEQ Venus audio codecs and a terrestrial IP network developed by Telefonica of Spain, they distribute programs from the main station in Barcelona, locally produce their own programs and also make other productions in collaboration with different stations, thanks to a flexible platform developed by AEQ. In this respect.

Radio Llavaneres ´s technical team, headed by Mr. Enric Font, has recently decided to renew their main broadcasting studio, selecting AEQ technology that they have known for years, specially our communications devices. Now, they have chosen AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT digital mixing console as the core of the installation.

AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT is a mixing console designed for ON AIR broadcasting control. It provides all the basic features required in this kind of environments: automatic monitor muting, cough-cut, faderstart, signaling control, signals for external devices automation, management of external communications, intercom, etc.

With modular design and small size, AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT perfectly adapts to different operating scenarios: self-control, control-booth, TV production studios, sound production, mixed configurations, integration into large installations, etc. Easy operation and superb control capabilities are combined in this console to cover from the most basic operation needs to advanced requirements, with very simple maintenance due to its modularity.

We already knew from references by other stations in Catalonia that AEQ Forum IP consoles covered all the features we could need. But the convenience of its integration with Forum Screen has really surprised us. Besides having all the important controls on dedicated keys, we also have vu-meters and a synchronized clock, clearly visible in a large screen. But when a microphone doesn’t sound spot-on, we press the associated channel’s SELECT key and a three-band parametric equalizer appears and is adjusted in a very short time – Mr Font stated.

FORUM IP SPLIT is a special version with control surface separated from the audio “engine” or “core”. It also offers the possibility to install the control modules separately from each other. It is composed by a 3-U high rack engine, up to 6 four-fader modules and a control & monitoring module. It can be equipped with AoIP multichannel input / output cards to provide up to a maximum of 64 channels with DANTE™ technology, compatible with the new AES67 standard. Through this connection, it is possible to take and deliver signals to other consoles, routers, and other input/output devices, from almost all major audio manufacturers. It can also include up to two internal digital phone hybrids.

The complete project has been executed by RADICOMTEL, S.L., a Catalonian local integrator managed by Màrius Caralt, who has provided service to the telecom sector for more than 30 years. All in coordination with AEQ Catalonian Office, managed by Nacho Olivella.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 24 February 2021