L1MBURG RADIO upgrades its new mobile studio with AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT console.

The Dutch Broadcaster renews the heart of its Studios with the AoIP with 12-Fader Dante Technology along with its FORUM IP SCREEN, FORUM IP VIRTUAL DISPLAY and REMOTE CONTROL SOFTWARE.

L1 is the regional public broadcaster in Limburg (the Netherlands), with the channels L1 TV, L1mburg Radio, news site 1Limburg and several online platforms. Main focus of the channel is to inform the population of Limburg about the most important events and social developments in the province. L1mburg is the top station in Limburg region.

The installation, carried out by the local integrator MediaServices, is based on the modular digital audio mixer AEQ FORUM IP SPLIT, in its 12-fader version, with Dante module and telephone hybrids, with Forum Screen and Virtual Forum apps for remote control.

FORUM IP is an AEQ digital audio console with the most up-to-date technology and the most innovative features, allowing it to reach the size of 24 faders. 100% Digital, 100% IP, it stands out for its very simple operation, configuration and integration. The recent SPLIT version has the same features but with the advantage of having a completely modular surface, up to a maximum of six modules of four faders each and a control module. Its external engine is also modular with a control capacity up to 180 audio inputs and outputs. It can incorporate up to two AoIP Dante input and output cards with 32 inputs and outputs respectively.

In order to respond to its operation mode with different programs and various locations, L1mburg Radio decided to acquire the optional Forum IP Virtual software, which represents the control surface of the form console and all its physical controls as well as its advanced functionalities. This software allows a remote management (it would not be necessary to work with the surface in front) and parallel to the surface.

In addition, the Dutch broadcaster decided to use the Forum IP Screen display and control application, which greatly assists in the operation of the console, allowing touch screen control and a comfortable visualization of all the main parameters (VU meters, clock and timer, ON AIR status and phone status) on an external screen.

To integrate the microphones into the Dante multi-channel AoIP network, AEQ proposed to the installation integrator the implementation of the NETBOX 4 MH audio interface, as it is specially designed for the need of this type of radio studio to have high quality microphone inputs and headphone outputs, through an IP network over Dante protocol.

NETBOX 4MH includes 4 General inputs and outputs (GPIO) as interfaces for signaling transport between the different devices in the IP network. As a complementary feature, the unit is supporting the same inputs and outputs as analogue balanced line Inputs and Outputs.

For more information about L1mburg Radio, please visit: https://l1.nl/l1-vandaag

Info: www.aeq.eu & Calavitis SA*
* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - AEQ - January 13, 2021