Shalom Evangelic Church enhances their radio station with the addition of a Capitol IP mixing console.

During the pandemic, believers are advised to extrem cautions during their religious practice. Radio has proven to be a magnificent tool.

The popular Shalom Evangelic Church, located Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, has trusted AEQ equipment to reach their audience with maximum sound quality, allowing for a pleasant reception of their lessons and religious practice.

Pastor Ciprian Fratean chose AEQ Capitol IP due to its operation simplicity. Ciprian tells us that, being a Church, one of the main required characteristics is to be able to produce radio programs in a very intuitive way, without operation difficulties, as they are realized by volunteers.

AEQ Capitol is a successful product example. This compact console covers the need of any kind of radio stations and, among them, it is very suitable for high level community ones.

One of the main AEQ Capitol IP features is the wide input availability: 4 microphone/line, 12 analogue, 4 AES/EBU digital, 2 stereo USB inputs, 2 optional phone lines, and available multichannel digital links: 16 Audio over IP channels over two Ethernet ports or 64 MADI fiber-optic channels.

One of the features that is more appreciated for them is AEQ CapitolScreen control and display software: “From this software, we can control both equalization and other parameters that are fundamental to our production”. The technical upgrade became mandatory after the pandemic that seriously stroke Alcalá de Henares. The in-person religious practice presented serious infection risks. From the start of the confinement, pastor Ciprian Fratean insisted that all people should remain at home. In order to reach all their audience during this confinement, he took the decision to replace the old mixer by a professional, high performance one. Radio has become in a cohesion tool for the believing community that shouldn’t attend the Church in moments where the pandemic is widely spread.

Furthermore, with a digital console admitting remote control, the convenience of having each operator producing programs from home, without the need to travel to the studio, can be taken into consideration.

Now that we are open to this “new normality”, the Church is still insisting on strictly following the safety rules. Even when the church is open by now, vulnerable people can still participate in the community activities safely from their homes.

The support to this project has been provided by AEQ’s corresponding Sales Area Manager, Mr. Eduardo Guerrero and AEQ Technical Services.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 5 November 2020