CADENA SER associated radio stations trust on the AEQ broadcast solutions.

Radio Aracena, Radio Motril, Radio Guadix and Radio Rioja had recently acquired AEQs audio mixers, audiocodecs and playout automation systems.

Radio Aracena, Radio Motril and Radio Guadix are associated radio stations that broadcast SER's programs in their hometowns, in Andalusia – South of Spain.

Radio Aracena and Radio Motril have integrated AEQ CAPITOL IP digital consoles into their main facilities. The sound quality and the operability of the console, totally adapted to local stations, allows the same mixer to work simultaneously with several ONAIR programs while preparing the local disconnections or contributions. These features made AEQ CAPITOL IP digital audio mixers the perfect solution for many radio stations that have multiple programs and need to optimize technical and economical resources.

On the other hand, Radio Guadix is a very special case. Due family reasons, Rodrigo Poyatos, General Manager of the radio station, started remote broadcasting many years ago. He is doing radio at home (nearly 150km from the radio studio) before everybody does. AEQ FORUM audio mixer is on the studios, which Mr Poyatos controls from home through its dedicated remote management software, VIRTUAL FORUM application. He switches from local to network programming, take control of the faders, and can even record and produce the commercials from home.

Guadix radio studio working live with no one at the station (AEQ Forum console and Virtual Software)

In the studio there is a video camera and both the door and the lighting are remotely controlled. When Mr. Poyatos has to do an interview from home, he opens the door of the station and the door of the studio, turns on the light and, speaking through an AEQ PHOENIX MERCURY audiocodec in his house, connected by IP to another AEQ PHOENIX STUDIO audiocodec. The audiocodec located at the studio uses an auxiliary input and output of the console. Rodrigo guides his guest to his chair, invites him to put on his headphones, test levels, and interview him using SRM. When finished, he asks the interviewee to make sure that the door is closed. All in remote!

Rodrigo Poyatos, Director de Radio Guadix, broadcast from home with Forum Virtual Software and Mercury audiocodec

Finally, Radio Rioja is Cadena SER in Logroño, capital of La Rioja, in the north of Spain. It has two branches studios along La Rioja. It has updated its automation system, migrating from the French company Dalet, to AEQ's AudioPlus system, because the quality of the product and the service provided from AEQ headquarters in Spain.

It also incorporates a remote control broadcasting module compatible with Cadena SER commands, and an exchange module with third party management applications, both for advertising traffic and music programming.

AEQ AudioPLUS also has a file import module, which adapts to the different manufacturers database format. Specifically, the Dalet format had already been used and it worked perfectly, transferring the sound files, and in parallel the data identification of each file was transformed into the AEQ format.

We would like to thank all the stations associated with Cadena SER for trusting in AEQ equipment. For more information about Cadena SER and all their associated radio stations, please visit

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 15 October 2020