Morena FM gets renewed over IP using AEQ equipment.

Brazilian Media Group Rede Matogrossense de Comunicação trust on AEQ technology by integrating AEQ on-air audio mixers to update Radio Morena FM.

Rede Matogrossense de Comunicação (RMC) is a regional communications network based in Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. It is affiliated to Rede Globo and operates on radio, TV and Internet.  Its headquarters are located in Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Their radio stations works over the commercial brands Morena FM, Central America FM Easy and Central America FM Hits.

This group has been using AEQ digital audio mixers since 2014. They started with the first 12-fader FORUM audio mixers for the CentralAmerica FM HITS radio station (101.5 MHz) in Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso.

In order to equip the CentralAmerica FM EASY radio station (99.1 MHz) in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, they used the 12-Fader FORUM console together with the bigger version 20-Fader GRAN FORUM unit. Back in the day, they were the first AEQ FORUM console users to connect them to a Dante IP network using FR14 cards.

Using the accumulated background, now that they have decided to undertake the renewal of Morena FM station (107.1 MHz), in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, a 100% IP audio distribution system was conceived. Sound mixing is performed through the latest AEQ FORUM model, a 24-fader FORUM IP SPLIT de 24 faders. Other devices such as Yamaha production console, the Playout computer and an Orban audio processor co-exist in the same AoIP network. This processor sends its program output to the transmitter center in AES/EBU format.

AEQ FORUM SPLIT is a digital audio mixer designed for the control of ON AIR broadcastings. It incorporates all the features usually required in this kind of environments: automatic monitor cut, cough-cut, faderstart, signalling control, GPIO to automate the operation of external devices, external communications management, intercom, etc. FORUM SPLIT has a modular design and reduced size which perfectly suits very different scenarios: self-control, control-booth, TV production controls, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.

In order to be able to integrate in the IP network all analogue and digital signals in the station’s Technical Program Center, links room and other places, the installation is completed with AEQ NETBOX32 and NETBOX8 AoIP interfaces.

Besides a local Dante AoIP network, Morena FM uses AEQ MERCURY audiocodecs to transport the final program signal to the Cuiabá tx station. Furthermore, a pair o AEQ MERCURY and AEQ ALIO audiocodecs is used to link to events taking place outside the station.

Rede Matogrossense de Comunicação (RMC) Chief Engineer, Mr Leidson Concencao, declared: ”Morena FM is one of the largest radios in the Middle West region of Brazil. In this new station, we have made a leap forward towards the integration and distribution of signals from several platforms into an unique AoIP solution, under the premise of trying to keep as much currently operating equipment as possible. Being an adventurous project, we relied on the reliability and versatility of AEQ equipment, which is used here since 2014 in our radio network, so its well-known quality is guaranteed”.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 3 October, 2020