Prodys: New Firmware Version QUANTUM 2.3.1t.

The Prodys R&D team has made official the new Quantum firmware version 2.3.1t which brings new features for the different models of the family.

Among the main changes with respect to the last official version, the following could be highlighted:

• Audio controls on the web page: So far the website has been an exact replica of the touch screen. This is an advantage to avoid confusion of use but it wastes many possibilities of the web version. In this new version, an additional panel has been added at the bottom that includes the control and gain keys for the micro/line inputs and headset outputs for Quantum XL and W units. In this way, control over the inputs of the devices can now be carried out remotely, which was not possible before.

• Ability to display streaming statistics of past connections: Until now it was only possible to monitor the streaming statistics data of the last connection. If there were problems during a connection and it was cut off, it was not possible to visualize what happened before. Therefore, from this version onwards it will be possible to display the data of previous connections.

This version is now available for download in the Support area of the Prodys website If you do not have access credentials, you can request them from the same website or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Notes: Press Release - Prodys S.L. - September 23, 2020