Southdown Media Launched Health Info Radio.

Southdown Media launched Health Info Radio on March 16th - a non-profit, public-information, national DAB service designed to address the COVID-19 outbreak.The station is funded by Southdown Media and uses a looped information sequence of the latest virus prevention and spread advice, alongside background information about the virus, and advice on how to cope with self isolation.

Southdown Media provided the DAB encoding infrastructure using the Open Digital Radio platform. A long list of community radio partners have helped with the project, which also had support from from web hosting company Aiir and extra script coding by Togglebit to enable remote working. Playout for the station is managed by PlayoutONE.

The pic shows the home / remote studio of Simon Hardwick, Director of Southdown Media (Sonifex S2 console). Pic by Simon Hardwick.

Health Info Radio website:

Info: & Audigys * & Kem Systems * & New Era Electronics Solutions Ltd **
  * Resellers for Hellas (in alphabetical order)
** Reseller for Cyprus

Notes: Source: Sonifex Website - August 2020