CV Radio, Valencian independent and plural broadcaster, has been equipped by AEQ.

The studios, installed as a turnkey project, are based on FORUM and CAPITOL digital mixers and CV Radio, Valencian independent and plural broadcaster, has been equipped by AEQ.

CV Radio started broadcasting with the purpose to offer a new voice to the Valencian society informing about the current affairs in an independent and plural way. With a total connection to the local environment and fully identified with the Valencian citizens’ concerns, it is a generalist radio, with a variety of contents and exclusively made in Valencia.

Operational needs and the compromise with the audience made them to choose equipment with only fully digital technology. The decision to choose AEQ was finally made taking into account references about the high quality and operating flexibility of the products and the commitment of the sales personnel and post-sales service at AEQ. A turnkey project was implemented, including technical furniture designed by AEQ to adapt to the existing spaces and needs.

The studios are composed by three rooms. Two of them are used as studio booth and main control, while the third one is the recording studio in self-control format with a guest desk. The main control was equipped with a digital modular AEQ FORUM mixer with 12 faders fitted on the desk, while an AEQ CAPITOL IP compact digital mixer has been installed in the self-control studio.

Both audio mixers count with their respective Audio over IP interfaces based on DANTE protocol, as the connection between studios is structured around that technology.

All studios are interconnected together by means of a Gigabit Ethernet network carrying the Audio over IP. Forum sends and receives 32 audio signals. Capitol IP manages 16 channels. Two PCs running AudioPlus radio automation software are also part of the audio network. This way, all multi-pair wiring between studios is eliminated while flexibility is drastically enhanced.

Each studio can record and broadcast at the same time, although usually the self-control studio is used for recording while the main control is used for broadcasting. In both cases, the installed AEQ mixers allow for the routing of a particular signal over an exclusive path in order to send the ON AIR program signal. This way, the signal provided by AEQ AudioPlus automation system can be sent ON AIR and the two studios are released for recording tasks, while a playout list is being broadcast.

Using another conditioned area outside the studios, a 42U high standard rack was installed holding the AudioPlus servers, Venus IP audiocodec, Ethernet switches and radio links to send the program signal towards the emission center.

All the contents are managed by AudioPlus automation system in client-server configuration: there is a file server and two networked workstations, one at each control. Furthermore, the AudioPlus Cont 24/7 continuity recorder is included, that allows for the recording of several audio channels 24 hours a day and extraction of any audio cut without affecting the continuity of the recording.

An AEQ Phoenix VENUS audiocodec is used in the studio, to be paired with an AEQ Alio portable audiocodec located in the OB Van for external retransmissions.

The booth furniture is designed around the CV Radio logo and provides space for up to five guests. Each position includes an AEQ HB-02 controller, providing easy connections for a guest microphone and headphones with volume control.

The complete project has been leaded by AEQ’s Sales Area Manager for Valencian Community, Mr. Bernardo Saiz, in coordination with CV Radio technical services.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - August 5th, 2020