NRK acquires Quantum XL for its contributions.

Recently the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK has acquired the most advanced of Prodys' portable audio equipment, Quantum XL, to enhance its remote production technology. These equipments are destined to their regional offices with the intention of increasing the possibilities of live radio production and bringing the radio programs closer to the local audience.

In addition to this, some of these units are destined to accompany Norwegian commentators at the important sporting events to be held in Japan this year.

Quantum XL is a powerful portable audio over IP codec with a five audio inputs mixer and the ability to work with up to 7 IP links simultaneously, allowing you to achieve reliable, quality transmissions.

Finally, it should be noted that this equipment is prepared to decode video over IP, making it the most compact solution for commentator positions at events where video support is required.

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Notes: Press Release - Prodys - March 9, 2020