Greatly Improved Windows Drivers for a Number of Tascam Audio Interfaces.

Tascam have developed new version 4.0 Windows drivers for six of their USB audio interfaces, enabling users to make full use of the processing power of modern computers and build music production environments with ultra-low latency. To accomplish this, the audio buffer size of a US-20x20, US-16x08, US-4x4, US-2x2, US-1x2 and iXR can now be selected up from four samples only (64 samples in earlier versions). Assuming the appropriate computing power, the resulting latency of such a system is hardly noticeable and ideal, for example, for tightly synchronised overdubs.

Further improvements of the new drivers include better overall stability, optimised display of the software window according to the screen resolution, and a new setting for US-4x4, US-2x2, and US-1x2 that allows the computer to automatically register the interface as default device for audio input and output.

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Notes: Press Release - Tascam - Wiesbaden, Germany, 19 February 2020