Over 80 units of Orban’s OPTIMOD 5518 Stereo Encoder/Limiter sold to EmiTel Poland.

Emitel S.A., who is a leading Polish radio broadcasting and radio telecommunications operator with over 50 years of experience in terrestrial broadcasting, recently purchased over 80 ORBAN OPTIMOD 5518 devices via the local Orban dealer Polsound Sp. z o.o. Emitel has over 350 broadcasting facilities constituting a network throughout the country, of which 60 are high-power broadcasting facilities. The company also rents its towers and facilities to various operators.

Poland, August 2019 - The OPTIMOD 5518 is a stand-alone stereo encoder/limiter combining look-ahead and band-limited clipping techniques, full overshoot limiting and extremely tight peak control to control STL-induced overshoots while minimizing artifacts.

Peter Lee VP of Orban Europe adds: “The 5518 is the perfect solution for broadcasters who use an FM audio processor in the studio but have to deal with the problem of network STL overshoots. The 5518 units are placed directly at the transmitter sites and take care of this issue.”

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Notes: Press Release - Orban - August 2019