AEQ AudioPlus BROADCAST automation system at Radio Rubi.

The most recent version in the family of AEQ automation systems is handling 100% of the playout at this popular catalan station.

Radio Rubí 99.7 FM is the municipal station of the city of Rubí in Spanish Catalonia. Radio Rubí started its activities in November of 1979, with its primary objective to be a a public service for the inhabitants of the city, with an ample variety of content including News, Sports and Culture, and allowing for the active participation of the citizens. In 1996 the station was bestowed with the “Rosalia Rovira” Award as the best municipal broadcaster in Spanish Catalonia.

From its beginnings, Radio Rubí always counted on the technology from AEQ; mixing consoles, audio codecs or automation systems. A station with the profile of Radio Rubí Hill always looks for sturdy equipment that is easy to operate and cost efficient.

Radio Rubí is currently following a plan to renovate the technology used to broadcast and the management for the technical department decided to migrate its previous AEQ Automation system “MAR4” to the current AEQ platform “AudioPlus” in all their studios and news room.

AEQ AudioPLUS offers new functionality and performance that adapts to the real needs, technical skills and budget of the majority of different Broadcast stations at this day and age. AudioPlus incorporates among other things, everything necessary for manual or 100% automated play-out, including the remote control at a variety of levels. The same is valid for the actual content acquisition and programming – both musical and advertising. These functions can either be accomplished completely automatically or manually, including the editing of contents.

The head of the technical department at Radio Rubí, Mr. Jordi Alba, explained that “The AEQ AudioPLUS automation system is a perfect match for us and is an indispensable tool in our daily operations”.

Contrary to other brands of applications, that initially may be perceived as less expensive, this tool-of-the-trade is ideal for small to medium sized stations. The capacity to produce and the quality of the programming generated, is comparable to the systems that the large networks are deploying but still just costing a fraction of what such stations may be investing on their automation. The application is designed for Windows OS and using SQL databases. The SW Suite comes with an efficient auto-installation Wizard and is compatible with low cost Audio Boards as well as more sophisticated choices, including DANTETM AoIP multi-channel Network connectivity.

The project to transition the AEQ MAR4 platform to the new, AEQ AudioPLUS system was coordinated by Mr. Xisco Caballero and Mr. Oscar Bastante of Radio Rubí and the AEQ System Services at its HQ and the AEQ Sales Manager for Catalonia, Mr. Nacho Olivella.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - August 2019