AURO-3D Studio Certification Program Answers Growing Demand from Content Creators.

The new program ensures that studios creating content in AURO-3D are held to the highest standards of audio production.

Gooik, BE (June 25, 2024) – NEWAURO—audio innovator and creator of the lauded AURO-3D immersive audio form—announced its AURO-3D Studio Certification Program today, created to meet content creators’ growing demand to produce content in AURO-3D. The program provides studios with the necessary tools to ensure audio productions meet AURO-3D’s high standards.
With the growing adoption of immersive audio across media platforms, the AURO-3D Studio Certification Program helps mixing studios and content creators optimize their workflows and enhance the quality of their audio productions. This ultimately benefits the consumer, who gets to enjoy more content in AURO-3D, whether it is on a streaming platform or physical media.
“The AURO-3D format is becoming more popular among consumers who appreciate its natural-sounding immersive audio soundscape. Consumers deserve an immersive audio experience that supports the artistic intent, and AURO-3D delivers that. With the AURO-3D Studio Certification Program, top-tier recording and mixing facilities can now produce AURO-3D immersive audio mixes without compromise,” says Iwan de Kuijper, NEWAURO Director of Marcom and Content.
To become AURO-3D Certified, studios must undergo an evaluation to assess technical capabilities and production workflows. AURO-3D Certification is free to qualifying studios. Only those meeting AURO-3D's strict criteria will be awarded Certification, ensuring that certified studios represent the highest standards of immersive audio production. Once AURO-3D Certified, studios receive a wall plaque signifying that the space conforms to technical specifications that enable the ideal AURO-3D experience.
To become AURO-3D Certified, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the application process.

Home to the award-winning immersive audio format AURO-3D, NEWAURO B.V. provides a full ecosystem of solutions for industry professionals and consumers, ranging from content creation tools to playback integration in Home Entertainment, Automotive, Mobile, and Cinema. In 2011, AURO-3D revolutionized the audio industry with the introduction of a true immersive sound experience and groundbreaking technology suite that enables content creators and product developers to hear more and feel more for an exciting, emotional, and moving audio experience. In mid-2022, the Saffelberg Investment group acquired all AURO-3D assets, teams, and rights and founded the new company NEWAURO B.V. to further support the growth of the format and technology suite across markets.


Notes: Press Release - NEWAURO - Gooik, BE (June 25, 2024)