NEW: Yellowtec introduce two new Intellimix versions!

The family of Intellimix Desktop Mixers is growing. At IBC Show 2019 we present Intellimix Pro and Intellimix Focus to fit variable requirements for mixing. Now you can choose between a fully-loaded Intellimix Pro with 8 channels and advanced AoIP features as standard and between the 4-channel Intellimix Focus highlighting essential features.

Check out lntellimix Pro and Intellimix Focus at IBC booth #8.B30.

Not one, but two new Intellimix versions enter the stage at IBC 2019!

Control as many channels as you want.

The Octopus software of Intellimix Pro gives you control over up to eight channels displayed in two layers with one single Desktop Unit. Intellimix Focus comes as a 4-channel mixer for all those who don't need to control more sources than that! Choose according to your requirements!

Get the AoIP solutions that you really need.

As standard Intellimix Pro is compatible with the whole package of AoIP solutions now. Easily integrate it into your Livewire, AES67, Dante, MADI or Ravenna environment. Intellimix Focus can be upgraded to the same X64 AoIP features with the help of an internal extension.

NEW: Intellimix Pro

Intellimix Pro is designed as a mixing device to master every imaginable and complex 8-channel mixing task. Thanks to extended I/Os, remote control options, admin mode and an unlimited amount of user profiles, Intellimix Pro is the ideal desktop mixer for shared workplaces used for multiple different workflows. Coming with advanced AoIP as standard. No extensions needed anymore!

NEW: Intellimix Focus

Intellimix Focus addresses users that do not handle more than four channels. There are no detailed adjustments to be handled that may distract less technically experienced users from their actual mixing task. With one user profile, Intellimix Focus is the ideal solution for single work places. It is the perfect replacement for every first-generation Intellimix Desktop Mixer. An optional X64 AoIP extension is available..

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Notes: Press Release - Yellowtec – September 15, 2019