NEW: Developed for you. Meet iXm Podcaster!

The iXm Recording Mic is known for its perfect audio recordings and auto-leveling. Its integrated LEA Engine secures perfect levels without the need of any adjustments. Now these iXm features are also available in a more budget-friendly version dedicated to podcasters: The new iXm Podcaster perfectly suits for recordings in any environment. Enjoy first class level automation and unique usability.

See it. Love it. @IBC booth 8.B30

Get ready for the extended iXm range.

We extend our iXm line by adding the more budget-friendly iXm Podcaster. Coming in a fresh blue color and dedicated to podcasters, it adds even more variety to the iXm range.

You get the all-purpose mic head.

iXm Podcaster comes with a dynamic cardioid mic head only. It gets along without changing recording characteristics by switching mic heads.

Enjoy perfect levels anytime.

The onboard LEA DSP Engine technology guarantees perfectly leveled recordings – no matter the surroundings. LEA is the heart of your iXm Podcaster.

One reliable power source gives you all you need.

In comparison to the iXm Recording Mic, iXm Podcaster has only one power source. Without a built-in battery, it comes as a budget friendly pick.

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* Distributor for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - Yellowtec - September 14, 2019