SSL Native Plug-ins V6.3 - New X-EQ 2 and Machine Based iLok.

Advanced production tools for your DAW.

NEW V6.3 Software
The NEW SSL Native V6.3 release from Solid State Logic
introduces ‘X-EQ 2’ plug-in as part of the SSL Native range and
Machine-Authorised iLok licensing...
No more dongles!

NEW X-EQ2 Plug-in
- 24 Band, Precision EQ
- Mid/Side and Left/Right Processing
- Individual Band solo and bypass
- Enhanced real-time FFT Analyser
- Phase & Step response graphs
- Advanced Workflow ‘Puck Control’

NEW Machine-authorised PACE licensing now enabled
No more dongles!
No more loosing them...
No more damaging them...

Watch the Video:

Info: & Audigys* & Technosound Ltd**
  * Distributor for Hellas
** Distributor for Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - SSL - July 16, 2019